September 1 – 18, 2017 | ATLANTA

Welcome to the 2017 Pianos for Peace Festival! Our beautifully painted pianos will be in the streets and parks of Metro Atlanta from September 1 – 18, 2017 for everyone and anyone to enjoy. As one of the largest public art display projects in Atlanta, Pianos for Peace will feature 50 pianos and impact an estimated half a million Atlantans and visitors this year.

After the two week outdoor festival, all Pianos for Peace will be donated to local schools, nursing homes, healthcare facilities and community centers where our volunteer artists will participate in year long meaningful programs making art accessible to all. Our Ambassadors for Peace will unite and transform communities by building peace through music and education.

September 1 – 18, 2017 | ATLANTA



ATLANTA—August 28, 2017 – Pianos For Peace will launch its second annual outdoor festival and community arts program with a public unveiling of all 50 painted pianos on Friday September 1, 2017 all over greater Atlanta, making the arts accessible to all. The collection of pianos has been beautifully handpainted by local and international volunteer artists in groundbreaking collaborations with the Fulton County Arts & Culture, Atlanta Public Schools, IKEA, and the City of Atlanta. … READ MORE >

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Sharing is caring. Please be courteous to make sure everyone has a chance to enjoy the piano.
Eye to the sky If it looks like rain is heading your way, please cover the piano with the attached tarp.
Be kind and respectful of the operating hours posted by our hosts and partner sites.
Take good care of the pianos so they will be around for a long time to serve in their permanent homes.
Be an Ambassador for Peace and join us in building peace in our community.
Have fun! Share your Pianos for Peace experience on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

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Where are the Pianos for Peace located?
Pianos for Peace is one of the largest public art displays in Atlanta. Explore the map of all the Pianos for Peace Atlanta locations. Download the free Pianos for Peace App today!

Where do the pianos come from?
Our pianos are purchased from and donated by institutions and individuals in Metro Atlanta. Please contact us if you would like to donate a piano to Pianos for Peace!

Are the pianos in tune during the outdoor festival?
We have a wonderful team of professional piano technicians who service and monitor the Pianos for Peace during the festival.

Who paints the pianos?
Our pianos are painted by amazing volunteers who believe in our mission of building peace through music and education. They are international and Atlanta based artists, students and volunteers. Click here to learn about our 2016 Pianos for Peace Artists or download the free app to explore all our Pianos for Peace. Join the Pianos for Peace Artists for next year’s festival.

Is the Pianos for Peace Festival for anyone?
YES! This is your festival of peace and it is for the entire community. We encourage anyone and everyone to play and enjoy our Pianos for Peace.

But I don’t know to play the piano!
It’s OK! Just have fun and enjoy, regardless of your musical experience. You can even have your piano lesson outdoors! Share your pictures, videos and your fun experience.

What happens if it rains?
We have attached a tarp to each Piano for Peace, and an Ambassador for Peace volunteer is assigned to each piano to keep an eye to the sky and cover the piano at night. If it rains while you are enjoying the piano, please cover it with the attached tarp. Contact us if you would like to join our team of Ambassadors for Peace.

Will the Pianos be back next year?
The Pianos for Peace Festival is an annual public art display to help build peace and positively impact and transform our community through the soft power of music. With your help and generous support, we can make this dream a reality – please donate today!


Pianos for Peace is an annual open festival of music using colorful, painted pianos to inspire artists and unite people in the community through shared values of beauty, truth and harmony.

For two weeks every fall, we bring beautifully colored pianos to public parks and neighborhoods throughout metro Atlanta for everyone to enjoy and anyone to play. The Pianos for Peace team, staff, artists, volunteers and friends work hard all year round to plan this unique outdoor event.

Throughout the year, we acquire and collect all kinds of pianos (upright and baby grand) then select talented artists and designers to transform the pianos into unique works of art. Each assigned artist has a total of 10 weeks to design and create a unique Piano for Peace. After getting the appropriate city permits, municipal approvals and insurance, we distribute the pianos all over the streets of Atlanta transforming our communities into the largest public art exhibition in the city.

During the two-week Pianos For Peace festival, we assign both a piano technician and a neighborhood volunteer, “Ambassador for Peace”, to each piano to ensure the safety of the instrument by monitoring the weather forecast, protecting and covering the piano.

After the two-week festival, we donate all pianos to metro Atlanta schools, community centers, healthcare facilities, nursing homes and other organizations in need. Music unites people and by actively involving people in music, together we can make for a more peaceful community. Throughout the year, artists and friends of Pianos For Peace will provide a series of meaningful workshops, concerts and events at these facilities and organizations throughout the greater city of Atlanta.

Your contribution and support help us in covering the many expenses incurred such as acquiring, moving and storing the pianos, art materials and supplies, piano tuning technicians, insurance, permits, marketing and promotion.

At Pianos For Peace, we like to make noise to get people and companies in the community involved in achieving peace in the world. What are YOU going to do?


Pianos For Peace is a not for profit organization that relies on the support of sponsors, friends and individuals committed to making peace through music, art and education.

Contribute and support any of our Pianos For Peace projects. Donate a piano to the annual Pianos For Peace Festival, your gift to Pianos For Peace will help us bring peace to those who need it most.

Volunteer your time and talent to any of our programs through performing arts, education and humanitarian relief.
Join our team and become an “Ambassador for Peace” in your own community, raise awareness and lead Pianos For Peace programs.
We invite you to become an active member in your community. Anyone interested in building peace through music, art, and education is invited.
Contact us with your genius social media marketing strategy. If we like it, we'll put you in charge of it.

Pianos for Peace is a registered 501(c)(3) charitable nonprofit organization (EIN 47-4784836).
Your donation is tax deductible to the fullest extent of the law.