Become a Pianos for Peace Artist

Artistic Guidelines and Template PDF



Pianos for Peace is an annual festival and one of the largest community art display initiative in Atlanta, using colorful pianos for anyone and everyone to play. After the two‐week outdoor festival, we donate the painted pianos to nursing homes, local schools, community centers, healthcare facilities, and other organizations in need. Local artists and musicians then volunteer in one of our yearlong programs serving under‐resourced communities in Atlanta.

Join our team of Ambassadors for Peace and be part of the largest community art display initiative in Atlanta. There is no entry fee and we welcome artists at all stages of their careers—including emerging artists, students and volunteers.

The deadline to submit the online application and all required supporting documents is

July 31st at 5:00 pm

Each artist may submit only one application that must include the following:
1. A completed application form
2. Resume
3. Design proposal and artist template
4. Statements of no more than 1000 characters each addressing the following questions:

Why are you interested in participating in the Pianos for Peace Festival? And your choice of ONE of
the following:

A. How do you see your piano artwork connecting with the community
B. How do you hope to benefit professionally and personally by partnering with us on this project
C. In general, how does your artwork align with Pianos for Peace’s mission of Building Peace through Music and Education?

All artists will be notified of their application status no later than June 5, after an independent panel of judges from Atlanta’s leading cultural institutions have reviewed each application for quality, creativity, diversity, practicality, and accessibility. A brief meeting or telephone interview with Pianos for Peace staff may be requested at the end of May.

To be considered, applications must be:
1. Received by the deadline listed above
2. Submitted via the online submission form
3. Complete with all the required supporting documents.

Once submitted, applications may not be modified.



Please share with us the days and times which you are available to work in the Pianos for Peace studio. We understand schedules change, and this is just to help us coordinate studio time.


If you plan to use a medium other than paint, please share details of the design including materials used, approximate weight and height to determine the safety and viability of your design.




I confirm that the information provided in and with this application is true and complete. I also confirm that all artworks included in the Artist Template are entirely my own and that no other parties can claim ownership of any part or element of my artwork design.

By submitting this online application, I confirm that I have read the Artist Guidelines and fully understand its contents and hereby release and hold harmless Pianos for Peace, the organizers, sponsors, staff, volunteers and supervisors from all liability for any and all risk of damage or bodily injury or death or property damage, including any injury or damage caused by negligence, in connection with any Pianos for Peace event or at the warehouse studio. I likewise hold harmless from liability any person or agency providing transportation to or from any Pianos for Peace event or the Pianos for Peace warehouse studio. I confirm that I will comply with all the Artist Guidelines of Pianos for Peace as stated therein, should I be invited into join Pianos for Peace.